Alano DT 2 v5 APK (Alanoh5dt version) Free Download

App Name Alano DT 2
Latest Version V5
Last Updated July 7, 2024
Publisher Alano DT
Requirements Android 5+
Category Apps Casino
Size 19MB
Google Playstore file-play-store-link
4 Rating (26355)

In the world of gambling many platforms exist but the latest application named Alano DT 2 has turned out to be the best among all. It is the latest Android gambling application which enables users to enjoy all the games without any trouble. Moreover, since the release of this application, it has been viral. people have been addicted to this app due to its High-quality graphics and user-friendly interface. This application is truly made for those who want the real experience of a casino but because they can’t afford it or any other reason they can’t make it, this platform will feel like a real casino and different games surround you.

Alano DT 2 is also for those who want to earn real money from a platform like this where they can play and win by sitting at their home or workplace. This application is easily accessible to all the people in Pakistan. As there is no age limit anybody can sign up and enjoy the application without any restrictions of age limit or location except the fact that you are a citizen of Pakistan or from abroad you can still join but first, you have to use your IP Address to use a VPN. Alano DT 2 (Alanod Trummy) also ensures the security of users and provides a safe and secure environment that follows all the safety protocols.

Alano DT has some more versions like Alano D.T, Alano D.T 2, Alano D.T 5, and Alano D.T 6. you can also see these versions of this game.

alano dt 2

What is Alano DT 2 APP

Alano DT 2 is a new casino application that offers a wide range of games like Poker Hot and Slot Games and many more. Users can play games based on their choices and play the game where they are best to make a grand profit. Furthermore, users can sign up for this application without any restrictions when they do so they are gifted with a welcome bonus which they can use to place their first bet. Moreover, with time, users can claim many interesting incentives like the daily bonus, and the lucky spins where they can test their luck.

When talking about withdrawal options Alano DT 2 (alanoh5dt)provides ample methods for cash withdrawal like Easy Paisa, Jazcash and you can directly transfer your amount to your bank account. There are many ways you can earn money first as mentioned you can play of your own choice as there are 200 plus games available which makes this application different from others. Second, you can receive bonus prizes from the game. Third, the most interesting you can also make money through referrals by sending your login link to any friend you will get a referral bonus on his/her signup or withdrawal.

Thrilling Features of Alano DT 2 APP

This application has some exciting features some of which are mentioned below:

Variety of Games:

As mentioned above as well that on this platform you can experience a wide range of games.

Bonus Prices:

you will be rewarded with many bonus prices daily or event basis.

Vivid Graphics:

The Game offers HD and engaging graphics which enhances the game experience.

Device Compatibility:

This application is 100% supported by Android or Ios devices.

Withdraw Options:

you can withdraw your money via Easypaisa, Jazzcash, or your bank account.

Age Restriction:

There is no any restriction regarding your age so anyone can play this game of any age.


This game provides a safe and secure environment where you can play any earn without facing any inconveniency.

Help Center:

There is a 24/7 help service so if you have any trouble or any queries you can contact any time for help.

Easy Download Mechanism:

you can easily download the application without any complication only by just clicking the download button.

There were some of the inquisitive features of Alano DT 2 Game APK

alano dt 2

The list below shows some of the fascinating games of Alano D.T APK

  • Dragon Tiger Fight.
  • Fruit Classic.
  • Rocket.
  • Thunder Fire.
  • Mines.
  • Roulette.
  • Golden Frog.
  • Black Jack etc.

Official APP of Alano DT 2 Download

Finding the official version of a casino app is not that much easy, because when a casino game is launched there are too many one-page websites being created for that reason we have decided to share the official version of Alano Dt 2 Game 2024. So just follow the following instructions and enjoy the official version and get real bonuses.

alano dt 2

Click the download button then you will be redirected to the official game registration page for that you need to enter your phone number, set up a password, and a username. send the captcha the platform will send you an OTP just put it thair. That’s it now are ready to enjoy the game.

Once you login to the game you will get 2 types of bonuses a login bonus of 10PKR and a Phone number adding a bonus of 30PKR enjoy so now place your bet and earn more.

Here you can also download for Android and iOS for that just click the download button which the platform suggests on the top.

Final Words

To sum up, if you are seeking the best online gambling platform Alano DT 2 would be the best option for you. , it provides a variety of games, an engaging gaming environment, and Hd Gra[phics which enhances the game experience. Moreover, you can earn money by playing the game and through referrals, welcome bonuses, luck spins, etc.

You can also withdraw through different payment options like Easy Paisa JazzCash and your bank account. These are the reasons why you should prefer Alano D.T 2 game over any other casino application.

alano dt 2

Is the Alano DT 2 game legal in Pakistan?

Yes, the game is legal and registered with Pakistan GOV and other gambling institutes.

What is the limit of withdrawal per day?

There is no limit to withdrawal you can withdraw at any time and how much time you want.

What is the Minimum Deposit amount and withdrawal amount?

The minimum deposit amount is 200 PKR and the minimum Withdrawl amount is 500 PKR

What is WAGER in Alano DT 2

WGER is a type of policy that means that how much you deposit you have to play a game with that amount for example if you deposit 200 coins you have to play 200 coins game for withdrawal. If the WAGER is 0 you are allowed to withdraw the amount.

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