Alano DT 5

App Name Alano DT 5
Latest Version v5
Last Updated July 7, 2024
Publisher Alano DT 5
Requirements Android 7+
Category Apps Casino
Size 15.93MB
Google Playstore file-play-store-link
4 Rating (16758)

Alano DT 5 is a newly introduced app in Pakistan. It is the latest updated version of the Alano DT application. This is best for online gaming because it is like all in one having a collection of many games in this one application. For those who are interested in online gaming, this app is the best option. This app is full of amazing features, Apart from gaming it provides a source of money, enjoyment, and rewards as well as helps us to improve our focus and thinking abilities.

What is Alano DT 5

Alano DT 5 is the most recently launched casino is unique from other online games because it offers multiple features and options. First of all, it is easily accessible through one step of registration. After registering players get a reward for signing in.

While entering it many games are waiting to be played including Classic Fruit, Dragon vs Tiger, Roulette, etc. Select the game of your choice and get money as a reward. Besides playing sharing referral links gives more amount of money. Moreover, daily logins and deposits give you bonuses of extra money. While playing players get free spins which gives them more chances to play and win.

Inivitaion Rewards or Bonueses

Alano DT 5 offers many opportunities to earn free rewards. One of the best options in this game is inviting new members. If a new member joins the game through your invitation, you will receive a reward of 200 PKR. Additionally, you will earn 5% of your invited member’s winnings.

If your members keep increasing and the members you invite play the game every day, you will benefit accordingly. You can earn a subordinate bonus of up to 10k or 50k per day without any restrictions.

alano dt 5

What is WAGER in Alano DT 5

Wagering means a kind of limit. For example, if a player deposits 1000 PKR, they will use that 1000 PKR to play games, and any profit or loss (e.g., 2000 PKR) will be available for withdrawal. This means that after you deposit money or receive bonuses, you must wager that amount in games before you can withdraw the money. You can then withdraw the money to your Easypaisa or JazzCash account.

Wagering requirements ensure that players engage with the platform by betting the deposited or bonus amount before making withdrawals. This system of Alano DT 5 allows players to potentially increase their winnings before they withdraw their funds. Once the wagering requirements are met, the withdrawal process is straightforward, allowing players to easily transfer their funds to their Easypaisa or JazzCash accounts. This encourages continuous engagement with the game, providing more chances to win and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Alano DT Official Versions

As you experience the Alano DT game, you’ll find it’s a fantastic casino game for Pakistani users. But did you know that Alano DT has many more versions available? Yes, you heard that right. Alano DT was launched in 2024 with its first version, Alano D.T. Following that, this version was upgraded to Alano DT 2, which became very popular. After Alano DT 2, the next version was Alano DT 5, and the current latest version is Alano DT 6. All versions are similar, with minor changes and upgrades, and you can use any of these versions.

Key features of Alano DT 5

Let’s discuss the amazing features of Alano DT 5

Multi Games:

There are a variety of games, and you can play the game based on your interest.

Free Spin Rewards:

You are also given free lucky spins through which you can earn additional money.

Sunday Bonus:

You will be rewarded with bumper prices on your daily logins, especially on Sunday you will get Sunday bonus.

Money Making:

You can earn real money easily through playing different games and referrals as well.

Cash Withdrawal:

You can instantly withdraw your winning amount.

Withdrawal Options:

There are various withdrawals eg Easypaisa, Jazzcash, or through your bank as well.

Earn from Referrals:

Sharing links with your friends and relatives when they log login using your link you get enough amount of money.

Fascinating Graphics:

When you get into the game you will enjoy the colorful effects and HD smooth graphics of the game.

List of popular games

  • Fortune gems
  • Dragon tiger fight
  • Golden frog
  • Red and black
  • 7up 7down
  • Thunder fire 777
  • Coin 9
  • Classic Fruit
  • Rocket
  • Roulette

Alano DT 5 Game Download

If you have come to our website to download Alano DT 5, I want to congratulate you because we have all versions of Alano DT available, including the latest version, Alano DT 5. To download the latest version, click on the download button available at the beginning and end of this post.

After clicking, you will see the latest version displayed. Click once more to be redirected to the registration page. Here, enter your username, phone number, password, and captcha (OTP), then click the send button. You will receive a 6-digit code via SMS. Enter that code here and log in.

alano dt 5


Alano DT 5 is the best casino application in Pakistan. It is not only a gaming app but also a good source of earning by referral links, daily logins, Sunday bonuses, and getting the advantage of free spins. Moreover, it is easy to access through one step of registration. so those who are online players and those who want online earning must use this app and get advantage from its fantabulous features.

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